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Hop in! :D
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With the awesome :iconflaming-starfish: ! Come say hi :D (I'm doodling undertale shiz)
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Boi, do I need to be more active here. How's everyone doing? <3
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Cause I got snes feels come say hello :)

xx Anna "ILKS"
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Pop by if ya'd like :D

xx Anna "ILKS"
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Yo yo yo!

Me and :iconflaming-starfish: are live and taking YGO requests/ asks! We are also watching some good old abridged, so feel free to pop by and join us :D

Either links will work since it's a joined stream:

Hope to see you there! :D

xx Anna (ILKS)
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Hello y'all,

Me and :iconflaming-starfish: are multistreaming tomorrow for our YGO ask blog. We will also be watching YGO abridged.


Our picartos:

We hope to see you there, it'll be a blast ^_^
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I want to get a discussion going cause I'm finding it interesting.
I've been reading things around and many people deem her guilty. And if you keep that opinion in mind while re-watching the trial, it could be possible.

But it's too obvious for me? I can see her maybe knowing of it, but not necessarily be the one to have shattered her. I can't see her hurt in "What's the use of feeling?" be an act.
What do you think?
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Hello everyone!

Sooo... when I made my new account I ended up sorta switching back and forth between accounts to keep the Silvaze group going and responding to some notes still being sent on this account.
Having changed my username on tumblr once again, and getting back into some Sonic drawings, I thought... I may as well come back here, grab a core membership for a few months and change that blasted username and move on xD
I'm real sorry I've been sending people back and forth between accounts.
This one is here and now, and it's here to stay.

I'll be uploading loads of things in the next few days.

Thanks everyone!

~Anna (ILKS)
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This is a long journal so if you get to the end of it, I congratulate you and thank you.

Hello everyone :wave:

It's been a while since I made a proper status update to explain my lack of availability on this website and very rushed drawings.

Big part of it is how this website and community has really changed for me. If you are an old dA user, meaning if you used this website around 2005-2010, you will understand what I mean. This website was very much alive. I had friends on dA too. But, eventually people grow up. I joined this website when I was 14, now I'm 23. Most get busy and they move on. And this slowly happened to me too, I lost contact with people I considered friends and together went my interest for this website. And it still is like that too. Though I visit this website weekly, the special 'soul' hidden behind it for me is now... gone. And I do miss it. 

So, a first part of this journal is that I want to know who is following me.
Introduce yourself, tell me about you. If you've been here a while, and I used to know you, please comment and tell me how you are doing.
We are still the same people, after all.

For people who are relatively new here, I shall tell you a little about myself.
First of all yes, I am ILuvKnucklesShadow on youtube. And no, I will not be making more Sonic videos on youtube. My youtube channel was an incredible hobby for me when I was a young teen. I was making videos mostly for my own entertainment and that suddenly 'exploded'. It especially happened around the time I was giving up this channel. It was just an interest that eventually faded away. I got more into drawing, more into deviantART.

I became very active on deviantART around the ages of 14-16. If I remember right that is. It was the time where I was very closed off from the world and focused on my art and online friends. They all meant a lot to me, and they still do. But back then, it was my whole world. I was having an awful time at school, literally had no friends there. I just did not understand any people my age. They were all children to my eyes and I mostly got along with adults. Who knows... maybe I was too mature for my age.
I still remember my chats on msn with very dear friends of mine, who know who they are. And still have such a special place in my heart. I will never be able to fully express how much I love these people, how they are such a big part of what I am today as a person. I love you, very much.

After 16, I started focusing a lot on school. I got my head back into the books. I actually started making some friends too, very little but at least I wasn't entirely alone in school. My self confidence started to increase, I was finally getting out of my miserable teenage years. If you are a teen around that age, trust me when I say that it gets better. You are just developing.
My activity on the net declined. I finally finished school at 18, and moved to the UK to study Arts.

My studies abroad and away from home have been the biggest effect on my self development. I've talked about this before, but I fell into a whole of intense self-hate in my first year of uni. I wouldn't eat, wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. I developed anorexia, which lasted for nearly 2 years. But I got better... my friends at uni, my family and my lovely man helped me to see why I am special. And why people around me that I love and care for are special. We all have our flaws, but if you are a good person, you are a unique person in your own way and you deserve to be happy. What I took from my uni years, 18-23 is, just do good and good will come to you. Cheesy, but true. Just be kind, please.

I am now nearly finishing my Masters studies in 3D arts and haven't felt miserable in a long while. And I am hoping to get a job relative to these studies. That's what I am looking for at the moment.

I want to continue to draw as a hobby. As I haven't drawn much during my final uni years, I want to get it back. So I will come back here, maybe change my username as to me it's outdated now. I want to form this place into more... "me", and not my teenage self anymore. I'm already heading that way, too. :)

So, I want to fill you in with my plan to soon come in the beginning of October:

1. I will finally continue Silver's story. It's a story that I still have in my head very well. I am planning to be releasing it in chapters, so a bunch of pages in one go when I complete them. 

2. I starting a youtube channel, called annanimates, in which I am hoping to make short animations to practice and develop a personal animated style. It's something that I always wanted to do. If you want, you can subscribe to me:…
This has been highly inspired by Domics. But, I will of course not try in any way to copy his style. Animators want to animate, and that's that.

3. I will still use this website mostly for my fanart and personal little drawings. I am not sure if there will be any Sonic related artwork anymore, apart from Silver's story, as I have moved on. I'm sorry. Sonic still has a very special place in my heart, but I just don't draw him as much anymore. :( Like I said, people move on.

Phew, alright... long journal. But very much needed.

Thank you to all who have stuck with me throughout all these years. It's nearly been a decade, can you believe it? 1/9th of a life, almost... terrifying.



ps: Who has watched Stranger Things, because oh my gooooooooooodnesssssssss.
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Yay or nay?

Hi everyone,

I know I rarely speak anymore or am on active on this website. But, I would like to just say that to all french people watching me, my thoughts are with you and with your country.
It truly broke my heart reading about it this morning. In my eyes, there is nothing worse than living in fear. I feel completely helpless and truly wish I could do something to help you. Stay strong and stay safe.
Much much love from me and many others in this world :heart: :heart:
Hello everyone,

Due to being here often to check on :iconsilverxblaze-club: I've been checking the page in general and interacting with peeps more than I thought I would.
So... I think I am kinda back.
I just don't know how much I will be submitting, my activity on this page, etc.
But there will be art, potentially more Sonic art, but also other things. Who has been watching Steven Universe? Best cartoon ever?

But yeah, I was thinking of even finally continuing Silver's story, as this story has been something I don't really want to let go.
For now... I hope you are all well~

Hello dears,

Unfortunately, the title is no joke.

I have grown incredibly tired on deviantART and whenever I go on it I only find myself getting a little disappointed rather than enjoying it. It used to be different when I first joined... now, I don't know if it's because it has grown so much, but it feels like a foreign place. So, I will not be posting, viewing, or commenting anymore. I will only sign in to check on the :iconsilverxblaze-club: and set contests, for it is the only reason I keep visiting deviantART in the first place. I like keeping Silvaze alive at least.

I am 22 now. When I joined dA, I was 14 (my gosh, the time...). I used to be a lot into Sonic and fanart but this little interest has now evolved. If you are interested to see what I've been doing outside deviantart, have a look at my website: . I am aiming to be a 3D animator or texture illustrator so fanart really is at the bottom of my list at the moment and I mostly do it to please my audience, which lately has been removed from my priorities list.

I want to thank you for these wonderful 8 years (wow it's been that long), for watching me, some of you have been with me for years and years and that is a great feeling. I got closer with several friends (who know who they are) through this website too and I have seen them evolved in tremendous levels. Makes me teary. It has been a good place for me, but over the last couple of years it has turned into a boring, quiet place. Also, I am a little tired of seeing porn-like photography on the front page all the time.

So, yeah! With that, this account will remain as it is. I will be cleaning up a couple of things but my main/ favourite images will stay like a little 'memorial' that I can maybe look back in a couple of years and say "Look at the shit I was drawing". Lol, no really, I had a good time guys :) Wish you the best and keep creative. Goodbye!

~Anna, aka ILKS~
It really put a smile on my face to come on dA today and see all your bday messages :') so much love I.... might explode... oh no.... BOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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I have already started but I am getting to the good part of colouring so if you want, come watch and chat :)… <---
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How are you all? I hope you are having a good start in the week!

I really, really want to continue Silver's story finally... so I am making a to do list for what I want to do on dA today just so I can have it! Ha! (I'm so overwhelmed by university work, so it's so nice to finally do something else.)

Who has listened to the new Fall Out Boy album? CAUSE ITS SO GOOOOOOOD!!!


1. Continue Silver's story!
2. Draw more Silvaze
3. Practice shading and lighting techniques in my pictures
4. Spend proper time on my images
5. Save up for a premium membership + for the :iconsilverxblaze-club:
7. Visit dA daily.

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